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Headhunters Chicago

What if your company located the best Mid-west executive headhunting experts who were able to seamlessly find your company some of the most competitive job applicants on the market? To what extent would you see a competitive advantage over other companies in your industry?

Since 2005, the headhunters Chicago have had a strict job recruiting discipline in marketing and sales which has allowed our Chicago and New York headhunters to become top experts in the headhunting vertical.

For our Chicago marketing headhunters' ability to help both clients and applicants, our Illinois job coaches as well as our marketing recruiters have been recognized by such sources as the New York Times, Forbes, AOL, WSJ, Chicago Tribune, BusinessInsider, MTV, Fox Business News and many others.

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When recruiting sales, sales management and marketing personnel the Chicago headhunters Boston at KAS Placement stick to a strict staffing methodology that lends itself towards the executive recruitment of job seekers who are ambitions, candid, reliable, resilient, optimistic and decisive. When it comes to our sales management headhunters, the Chicago recruiters at KAS have the ability to recruit business development executives in over 100 different industries including, but not limited to:

Technology, hardware and software, transportation, advertising, pg, construction, finance, fashion, textiles, food and beverage, travel and leisure, business services, engineering and more. Our Chicago marketing headhunters have successfully recruited in these verticals for clients from over 30 countries.

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Whether you are a job applicant wishing to discuss your career goals and find a new job through working with our executive search firm or are an employer who wants to find out how our Chicago job experts can assist with their next staffing project, please see the below links. The recruitment and staffing team at KAS looks forward to hearing from you.

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