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Instead of having commission only recruiters, our Los Angeles staffing agencies has top recruiters and top clients.
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Los Angeles Staffing Agencies

What if your company found a Los Angeles staffing agency that had the reputation and expertise to make your organization more competitive via recruiting some of the top sales and marketing job seekers in the United States? What if they could do so in a highly efficient manner?

Since the inception of our Los Angeles recruiting agency, the sales and marketing headhunters at KAS Placement have made companies of all sizes better through meticulous recruiting processes that are aimed at both employer and job seeker success and which have been widely recognized by sources such as the NYTimes, Dow Jones, Chicago Tribune, Forbes and more.

Recruiting Methodology

The methodology of our Los Angeles recruiters is simple: when hiring always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. The same thought processes should be considered when determining which staffing agencies are most likely to find your organization the sales and marketing professionals who are in high demand and who will provide a significant return on investment.

For this reason hiring companies from all over the world come to our marketing recruiters and sales headhunters when they want to hire a Los Angeles staffing agency that consistently produces job candidates who are ethical, ambitious and who are reliable experts within their field.

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Whether you are a job seeker looking to make a career move or are a employer looking to engage our Los Angeles recruiting agency regarding sales or marketing staffing, please see the below links. The recruiters at KAS Placement look forward to hearing from you.

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