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Above: KAS Placement's Los Angeles headhunter and CEO Ken Sundheim.
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How effective and competitive would your company's sales and marketing divisions be if you found the right Los Angeles job career experts to ensure that your organization successfully recruited the best job seekers in your industry?

The headhunting methodologies of our Los Angeles headhunters are simple and are geared towards our recruiters providing unmatched executive recruiting services that result in job seekers from around the country being placed in positions in which they can thrive in and, as a result satisfied clients that continually come back to our Los Angeles recruiters for all of their executive headhunting needs..

In order to achieve this end goal the LA recruiting and executive staffing specialists at KAS Placement maintain a strict focus on sales, sales management and marketing recruiting. Rather than engaging in the over-diversification of recruiting areas such as accounting, hr, etc., our Los Angeles headhunters are able to maintain an industry-leading headhunting expertise in business development and marketing staffing services.

Additionally, due to our Los Angeles and NYC headhunters only focusing on recruiting job seekers in sales and marketing, our headhunters have the ability to gain an unmatched network of some of the top job seekers of all levels in sales, inside sales, outside sales, sales management, channel sales, digital marketing, social media, e-commerce, product marketing and more.

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When it comes to our Los Angeles headhunters' recruitment projects for sales and marketing managers as well as VP of sales and CMO level recruitment, the recruiters at KAS Placement seek out a few universal traits as our clients live and die by effective leadership within their respective organization. These include, but are not limited to: positive energy, ability to persuade others, willingness to allow their subordinates to speak their minds, the ability to executive on given tasks as well as the desire to continually train and upgrade those individuals under them.

How the KAS Headhunters Can Help

Regardless of whether you are looking to make a career transition as a sales or marketing applicant or are a hiring company looking to connect with some of the best Los Angeles headhunters, our executive search specialists are here to help. In order to learn more about our headhunting methodologies geared towards accurate and effective staffing, please see the below links.

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